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ReconVelocity FAQs

ReconVelocity is purpose-built with the latest technology to help dealerships tackle the “Recon Gap,” get vehicles retail-ready faster and realize higher profits.  Some stand-out features make ReconVelocity a first choice:

  • Mobile First orientation and design
  • Full integration with DMS and inventory management solutions
  • Fast implementation in days, not weeks
  • Full support with proven, high-touch support model and dedicated Recon Experts to help you maximize your value
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

Having a faster reconditioning throughput can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the average dealership each year and can be a million-dollar profit generator for many dealerships. It is profit hidden in plain sight.

ReconVelocity allows you to automate an essential dealership process with simple-to-use technology to capture unrealized profit while also improving team communications, driving higher productivity in other areas of the business and delivering a better experience for your customers. ReconVelocity was designed to make the reconditioning process at dealerships more efficient and help address the serious issue of margin compression while improving profitability. 

The use of ReconVelocity by our dealerships consistently improves the time to retail-ready. In fact, many dealerships cut their current time in half.  Fewer days spent in reconditioning saves you money—lots of it. In addition, our system provides useful data and greater insight to the entire process to help your team work with pit crew precision, communicate better, eliminate bottlenecks, get cars retail-ready faster, and turn more profits. 

ReconVelocity automatically collects feeds from all the major inventory management and DMS providers. 

Each team manager identifies when a step has been completed and the system alerts the next team manager in the process. The data generated by this traffic allows management to better understand areas for improvement, incentivize employees to meet verifiable targets and provide your sales team with real-time status reports.

ReconVelocity is flexible and configurable to meet specific needs of your dealership while also providing you with best practices that help you optimize profitability and get your pre-owned vehicles retail-ready faster. Your Recon Expert will work with you to deliver desired outcomes.

ReconVelocity features a real-time dashboard that provides instant views of the reconditioning process down to specific vehicle tracking data. Your dealership can also make use of several reporting features that allow you to monitor the overall progress and achieve the disciplined approach that helps you reach your profitability goals. Your Recon Expert will also provide insights useful for keeping your reconditioning team operating with pit crew precision.

While installs can vary, they are generally completed in days not weeks. Our goal is to create the least amount of disruption by leveraging our Recon Experts and best practices to expedite your dealership being operational and your team being ready to make the most of the technology and system.

We believe in a proactive, high-touch support approach that involves dedicated Recon Experts to ensure you not only have an excellent start, but your team continues to receive training and support assuring strong ongoing utilization so you achieve the maximum return on your investment.

Without a doubt, our support model sets ReconVelocity apart. Initial training takes place in-store and follow-up training and support is both in-store and online. We aren’t just a software company…we are a dealer support company with Recon Experts across the country dedicated to helping our customers achieve results and improve their operations. Our high-touch model ensures your reconditioning team is trained and continually supported so you get the most value out of your investment.

ReconVelocity supports all mobile devices, including Apple, Android and Windows. Mobile devices allow text notifications, enabling your management team to keep vehicles moving from any location — even from home.

  • ReconVelocity will make your reconditioning process faster and more efficient
  • You will see the results in the first 90 days
  • You will realize higher returns and inventory turn time
  • Pay a monthly subscription fee | Dealership keeps 100% of the upside  
  • No subscription and we share the upside | Dealership keeps 70%, we keep 30%
  • Start out sharing in the upside and convert to subscription at your option

The average dealership can expect an ROI of between 25x-50x for implementing the ReconVelocity system and best practices.

VelocityValet is a VIP pick-up and delivery software technology that delights customers, drives more traffic and delivers significant efficiencies for dealerships.



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